Women Encouraging Women

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Wyncreek Estates Clubhouse
200 Wyncreek Drive
United States

About Us

The focus of this group will be to help women become complete in Christ through the ministry of women encouraging other women.

Explore the spiritual, social and personal issues of today Examine the Word of God for relevant precepts Engage in living a life that glorifies God "And let our people also learn to engage in good deeds to meet pressing needs, that they may not be unfruitful." Titus 3:14

In this group you will find a place where you are truly understood. Because we are women encouraging women, we know your deepest needs. Basically, there are three things every woman needs to thrive in life. They are a personal relationship with God, other women to laugh (and cry) with, and CHOCOLATE. Men only need one thing and that is, of course, a woman in their life who has a personal relationship with God, other women to laugh and cry with, and chocolate.

Women Encouraging Women understands these needs and is committed to helping fulfill them in your life. Our goal for this group is that you will find encouragement and resources to draw you near to the heart of God and learn what a great love our Savior has . You will absolutely find women to laugh and cry with, because we have walked the same roads as you. There is no fellowship like the sisterhood. All you need to provide is the chocolate! So grab a cup of tea and a Snickers bar and come to our first meeting and let?s share a few minutes together.

Some of the things we will discuss include but are not limited to: (As this group evolves we will discuss issues most important to the group.)

Learning How To Value Yourself as a Women Healing Wounds of the Past Learning how to create Womens Intercessory Prayer Group Your Best You Now Sex Health Current Events Becoming Empowered to Overcome Being Highly Effective Time Management Communication Skills Marriage Relationships Your Personal Ministry Prayer Requests

This group strives to meet the needs of women from any walk of life. Married, single, divorced, career women stay at home moms, grandmothers, Christian and non-Christian just the same are encouraged to register. Come to this group to encourage someone and be encouraged. Newcomers are welcome to come at anytime. Attendees may just listen in or are invited to participate in activities.