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About Us

We know that talent is distributed equally across the globe - just not opportunity.

Young adults face many obstacles, including poor services and a lack of resources and support. These obstacles leave few good options, including bad jobs or unemployment, that often lead to low income and no assets.

We know that entrepreneurship can change this if urban young adults can access the same opportunities as more privileged entrepreneurs - education, finance and mentors.

Youth Business USA, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, provides extensive business literacy education developed specifically for young entrepreneurs, including training in business planning, modeling and startup methodologies. Every Young Entrepreneur that completes our training can qualify for an interest-free loan for the equipment and inventory necessary to launch their micro business. We help our Young Entrepreneurs recruit a volunteer Board of Advisers who act as mentors. In their first year, our Young Entrepreneurs grow their businesses, reimburse their loans and can qualify for additional financing and on-going support.

Our vision is to become the first national micro business accelerator for under-served young adults in the United States. We provide virtual entrepreneurship education, online financing and remote mentoring support so that we can serve more entrepreneurs at scale for a lower cost.

IMPACT - We seek to empower the following changes for our young people:

  1. To enable young, underserved people to start and sustain their businesses, developing a new source of income.

  2. To fulfil and economically empower young people, creating jobs and strengthening communities while enhancing our young entrepreneurs sense of empowerment and dignity.

  3. To up-skill a significant number of young people through the launch of a micro business, preparing them for the demands of 21st century employment, with skills in entrepreneurial thinking, problem solving and business management.