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About Us

Volunteer Maasai is a Non Governmental Organisation. The sole aim of this project is to provide education in the marginalised Maasai community and implement locally sustainable community based projects that equip, educate and empower the local people.

Idimayii Maasai School Project is the first project to be initiated under Volunteer Maasai. The school was founded in April 2012 after the community expressed an interest to have their children educated and address inequalities faced by the Masaai people. Idimayii in the Maa language means "it is possible".

Idimayii is a pre school with over 60 children to date attending class aged between 3 - 7. The integration of western and Maasai educational learning systems are used to relieve ignorance and poverty and seen as vital to the success of the Maasai people following the priorities, needs and interests of the Maasai community.

One classroom at a time, one child at a time, we want to provide free quality education in the heart of Maasailand, empowering the youth and ending the cycle of poverty.

We are desperatley looking to recruit volunteers to assist us with achieving our goals for the Maasai community. As a volunteer you will experience new adventures, meet new people and help to make a differnce.

Volunteer Maasai is a not-for-profit organisation that provides fun, rewarding, safe and affordable volunteering opportunities.

Our Goals

  • Addressing the inequalities of the Maasai people by providing basic education
  • Empower Maasai people so they can make better informed decisions about their future
  • Making a difference in the lives of others by sharing knowledge
  • Establish a sustainable volunteer programme to help with teaching
  • Encourage the community members to fully participate in building and manging the schools.