In Their Shoes / Dans Leurs Chaussures

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About Us

In Their Shoes was started by a group of student volunteers intent on sharing their knowledge and interest in human rights with a younger audience. These volunteers represent four different universities across Montreal and bring together a cross-section of Canadian and international youth. In Their Shoes' primary objective is to empower youth through education.

Why a non-profit focused on education? We decided In Their Shoes should reach out to a specific age group and encourage students to get involved with local NGOs. ITS’ aim is to complement the efforts of NGOs by informing youth about the world around them – from the streets of Montreal to the rivers of Asia. We also help youth develop curiosity for their own environment and the international community through our various programs.

In Their Shoes is committed to bringing awareness of poverty and conflict to Canadian adolescents through interactive and engaging presentations that emphasize global citizenship and respect for universal human rights.