A Little Patch of Heaven Animal Rescue, Inc.

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501 E. Angle Ave
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About Us

A Little Patch of Heaven Animal Rescue, a charitable, federal not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization. We formed to rescue and supply any canine or feline, nationwide, regardless of age or medical condition, with love, shelter, food, human companionship, medical care, and spay-neuter services through local veterinarians until permanent placement is secured into a prescreened loving home, as long as the dog or cat is not dangerous to humans or other dogs and cats.

A Little Patch of Heaven Animal Rescue will accept into rescue any canine or feline who is either abandoned in a shelter or living with an owner who can no longer supply care. We also participate in rescue and placement of canine’s who are pulled from the Puppy Mills, purchased at Puppy Mill auctions or from breeders.

We wish to eliminate the euthanasia of any healthy, adoptable canine or feline in our county. We do not accept euthanasia as a means of population control for animals. We believe each animals life is meaningful and each deserves a loving home.

Educating and informing the public about the commercial dog industry in America and about responsible pet ownership is also very important to us, as well as reviving the spirit of volunteerism across our country.

A Little Patch of Heaven Animal Rescue is composed of approximately 6 people, and volunteers that are willing to foster, transport, or otherwise assist in this massive rescue effort. We are supported entirely by donations and fund raisers.

Our vision: We hope to see a day when there is no longer a market for puppies sold in the pet shops of America that come from breeders. Then and only then, will the suffering endured by thousands of companion animals in the puppy mills of America, cease.

Our Future Goal: Our goal is to ensure that no K9 is forced to live his or her life in a Puppy Mill or needlessly euthanized anywhere in America because of the lack of medical care or an available, loving home.