Do It Like A Woman, Inc.

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About Us

Do It Like A Woman is a charitable organization focused on helping breast cancer patients and survivors reclaim their femininity. Through a diverse multimedia campaign, Do It Like A Woman shows women that they can beat the stigma of cancer—that they are still powerful, sexy, and strong because they are still women. And, that they are not alone. Together, we’ll fight to win because when we fight, we Do It Like A Woman.

WHY? Each year breast cancer affects the lives of a quarter of a million women in America. It launches an offensive on a woman’s femininity. Robbing them not only physically but psychologically as well leaving women feeling less powerful, less fearless, and somehow less of a woman. We at Do It Like A Woman challenge the notion that women with breast cancer are any less of a woman because of their diagnosis. We believe that these women are warriors. And, we aim to equip them in their fight by helping them personalize their cancer. By giving breast cancer both a name and a face, together, we are able to strip the cancer of its power with our battle cry or multimedia campaign. Our battle cry is for all to hear and is a record of the strength that comes from Do”ing” It Like A Woman.

WHAT MAKES DO IT LIKE A WOMAN DIFFERENT? By using a camera’s shutter as a battle cry, Do It Like A Woman does something different. It documents the beauty and strength of these warriors in a platform in which they are comfortable—showing them and the world just how sexy, beautiful, and strong a woman is. No matter what they face, it is about who they are.