Activate Communities Uganda

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About Us

Activate Communities Uganda (ACU) is a Community Based Organization founded in 2012 by university students. The organization serves youth, women, orphans and vulnerable people especially those in difficult circumstances.

Our Mission is to build sustainable socio-economic communities that enable youths, women and other vulnerable people to grow in scale, Influence, and collective power.

To ensure this, ACU, engages several activities including; Promoting educational opportunities for orphans and needy children in rural and urban slum areas who are often miss or drop out of school education due to lack of facilitation. By offering entrepreneurial/vocational skills training that enable them to generate their own small self -sustainable businesses that enable them not only to stay in school but also to break the poverty cycle in their families.

We also engage in Agriculture and Nutrition using a holistic approach that enables rural people majority of whom are smallholder farmers/agricultural laborers with little or education to attain up to date farming skills to grow and sell crops on demand driven basis.

We also run an internship program where we host volunteers both nation and international to work in communities we serve. Nationals volunteers who have competed their education i.e. university or vocational skills training courses but lack the experience to find a job engage with in our experienced staff and international volunteers to gain relevant experience in education, advocacy, agri-business, entrepreneurship and health care delivery during an internship period. During this period, 'Student interns' engage in activities capable of transforming the communities we serve while gaining personal experience.

We  leverage local resources and promote the health of low income  earners through a sustainable health insurance plan that includes a livelihood family Small scale business, financial literacy training,family medical account and linkage to a medical facility for healthcare at a subsidized price.