Nellie Stone Johnson Community School

  • MN


807 27th Ave N
United States

About Us

Vision: Teaching and Learning Together

Mission: The mission of Nellie Stone Johnson is to ensure a safe inclusive learning community where all children successfully master academic and social skills, preparing them to be creative and critical thinkers.

School Theme: "Smart isn't something you are, smart is something you get."

The Core Values of Nellie Stone Johnson Community School: 1. Safety, Security, and Order 2. Belief System-Effort Based Education 3. Customer Excellence 4. Professional Development 5. Technology Integration 6. Family Involvement

Programs offered:

  • High 5 Program
  • Full Day Kindergarten
  • Gifted/Talented Catalyst Program
  • Starbase Minnesota Grades 4-6-8
  • Resource Teachers at each grade
  • Tutor Program
  • General Mills Partnership
  • Cargill and Medtronic Partnership
  • Beacons After Schools Programs
  • Hawthorne Huddle Partners
  • Special Education Services
  • English Language Learner Program
  • U of Minnesota-Read America
  • Village Social Services
  • PATH Program

"Every Child College Ready!"