Big Book: Pages for Peace

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About Us

The Bookmakers and Dreamers club is a group of middle school students devoted to promoting the idea that kids can make a difference in helping to create a more peaceful world. Our after school club has been meeting weekly for several yrs. to compile a manuscript of letters, bits of advice, and artwork we've collected in response to our questionsa about peace. We hae received responses from people all over the world, from all walks of life. We are committed to learning about world peace and shar ing our knowledge with others. As Bookmakers we will create the "Big Book: Pages for Peace Project" (12ft tall by 10 ft wide, over One Ton!), breaking the Guinness World record. As Dreamers, we will share messages of peace and hope with children worldwide by displaying our giant book in major museums an libraries. Our question: What Can Kids Do To Help Create Peace In Their Lifetime? Send us a letter, poem, artwork, that we can include in our book or make a donation