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About Us

Something you take for granted - the ability to read this letter - is impossible for over 100 million children in this world. Countless studies have shown that the inability to read directly impacts one’s standard of living and quality of life; fighting poverty is hopeless without books!

That’s why we’ve established the PUBSLUSH Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3), to promote education initiatives by providing books, relevant resources and logistical support for children worldwide. We are accomplishing this through a one for one program: for every book we sell, we will donate a book (or its value) to support children’s literacy.

We are helming our efforts through three specific commitments:

  • Establish and support libraries and community reading spaces
  • Facilitate a local publishing program
  • Provide educational resources

Our focus is not only on academic books, but also on storybooks. We believe books ignite the imagination and facilitate sustainable change. Just as Mohammed Yunis proved with microfinance, the most powerful tool to combat poverty is enablement; literature is an incredible enabler that provides hope, confidence, and instruction. We also provide relevant resources to aid literacy initiatives such as computers, ereaders, desks, school supplies, staffing, etc. We understand the challenges associated with combating illiteracy, and have created a program structured to ensure our giving partners benefit optimally.