Chalkboard Kenya

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About Us

Chalkboard Kenya is a UK registered charity that provides opportunities for people who are interested in education to teach in an orphanage in Kenya, where they will gain valuable work experience whilst giving Kenyan children a chance of a quality, sustainable education. We believe our programme is unique as we offer the opportunity to teach specific subjects that our volunteers specialise in.

The orphanage, where are programme is based, is called Mama Orphans Children's Home and is home to 150 children all of whom live on site and are cared for by Mama and her family. Chalkboard Kenya’s aim is to provide aspiring teachers to cover a variety of different subject areas at Mama's Orphanage whilst developing those teachers to help their own professional careers.

OUR MISSION - Help deliver a platform for young people to build their own teaching careers, working across national boundaries to give Kenyan Orphans an education to be proud of.

Chalkboard Kenya is UK registered under Kenya Works - charity no. 1141552