Wolf Hills Heritage School

  • Virginia


415 Academy Drive Northwest
United States

About Us

WOLF HILLS HERITAGE SCHOOL is a small, community-based school in Washington County, Virginia,

serving approximately ages 5 through 10. We use a school-specific,

​progressive education curriculum that is rooted in extensive outdoor experiences in the heart of Appalachia.

Our Mission:

To foster a love of learning through a creative and experiential education. 

Our Philosophy:

Wolf Hills Heritage School is founded on these beliefs:

  • that in life everyone is a teacher and everyone is a student 
  • that mutual respect for all people should be modeled and expected
  • that children learn by helping others and by being helped by their classroom community   
  • that nature is a profound teacher
  • that our community is the ultimate classroom 
  • that everyday experiences foster students’ innate love of learning 
  • that an inclusive learning environment will create a school community rich with cultural, social and intellectual diversity​