Mombo Division Integrated Development Trust Fund (MIDTRUST), Korogwe District



About Us

Mission/General Objectives of the Mombo Division Integrated Development Trust Fund (MIDTRUST)in Tanzania

·To mobilize community members in the Mombo Division to play a pro-active role in initiating, implementing and monitoring the various community socio-economic developments projects in order to ensure their developmental sustainability; ·To facilitate the improvement of the living standards of the Mombo Division community members by promoting the mobilization, sharing of scarce resources (local and from outside) related to the provision of basic services such as clean water supply, health services, education, environmental, housing, employment opportunities, etc.;

Specific Objectives

·Provide medical and health services through the building and supporting of the various medical and health projects including campaigns; ·Provide clean water supply services through the installation of windmills and other appropriate and community affordable technologies; ·To find mechanisms including campaigns of promoting HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria education in the remote areas of the Division; ·To establish health facilities including Anti-retroviral centers in the remote communities of the Division to alleviate the plight of sick women and children from traveling long distances in search of health and medical services; ·To train and capacitate local health and community workers to promote and disseminate information on the various health campaigns including HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria, in their respective local communities; ·To utilize and capacitate the existing medical and health facilities as centers of the various health and medical campaigns in the Division; ·Assist primary, secondary schools and other educational institutions in the Division by mobilizing educational materials and teachers from within and outside the country; ·Facilitate the establishment various socio-economic development projects in the division, both agricultural and non-agricultural, which could provide employment opportunities for the community members, especially women, as the most affected social group by poverty; ·To find ways of exploiting the advantages of the division’s location on the Dar-Tanga-Mosh-Nairobi main road and railway for its socio-economic development; ·To find ways of exploiting the advantages of the division’s location on the Pangani River for its socio-economic development; ·Supporting the Divisional sport groups with various sport materials as part of promoting youth development in the division; ·Facilitation of linkages between the Division and other organizations (governmental and non-governmental) within and outside Tanzania in order to open opportunities for socio-economic development support for the Division.