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About Us

The mission of New Vision Organization is to improve the quality and quantity of rehabilitation and healing for the incarcerated men, women and youth, while advocating for individuals on Death Row, serving life without parole, long-term and soon to be released individuals. NVO also networks with other groups and organizations, nationwide, to assure that prisoners' rights are not violated.

New Vision Organization, Inc. is focused on extensive efforts to re-establish positive interaction and communication between incarcerated individuals their families and the diversified communities nationwide to assure all goals are met. We strive to educate the public on cultural awareness and the issues of  discrimination, racism, and hatred which results in increased crime and unnecessary human destruction.

New Vision Organization works in unity with community members, advocacy groups, service providers and prison staff throughout the country whenever possible.  In doing so, our aim is to ensure prisoners’ rights are not violated and that they receive the necessary rehabilitation, legal, and educational services that should be offered to all incarcerated men, women, and youth throughout the United States. Prisoners Rights are being violated daily and without humane people to act on their behalf,  many have and continue to die senselessly.

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