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391 Toro Zambrano St.

About Us

GlobalSud is a non-profit humanitarian corporation headquartered in Chile intended to help the disaster victims in America. We provide assistance for urgent needs and support for humanitarian assistance programs. We bring help to all those who are in trouble without taking into account their race, religion or politic affiliation. In order to finance our projects, Globalsud seeks out contributions and grants from individuals, corporations and private enterprises. We encourage professionals and volunteers to donate their talents, time and efforts to help us accomplish our mission.


Globalsud`s mission is to offer excellent quality in all its associated activities in order to contribute to the equitable growth of people and the corporation. Offering excellence in the development of all its welfare activities is a consistant goal for Globalsud. Our operations are based on the objective of maximizing all levels through constant actions, evaluations and feedback. This will be expressed through the contributions that the corporation will provide in order to obtain a better quality of life.


We constitute a NGO whose work is focused on building a much better and fair society. We do not persue lucratives purposes and we move within social topics. Through permanent creation and innovation, we work in areas such as: social welfare, education and culture.

All our activities are designed for those who share and are searching for humanist christian values that will lead to better living conditions, especially for those who are passed over in the world, establishing a common cause in order to bring forth the construction of a fairer society.