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About Us

The LAF Project was started in 2009 by Czech photographer Hana Jakrlova as an international photography exhibition, documenting life in the Czech Republic twenty years after the Velvet Revolution. Esteemed Czech and international photographers were showcased at exhibits in the the annual human rights conference Forum 2000 of that year, and at the French Institute in Prague this past spring.

"Laughter and Forgetting" was inspired by Milan Kundera's famed novel where the protagonists laugh and forget their problems in a totalitarian regime. The Project aims to capture these same emotions within a photographic medium.

Both Forum 2000 and Radio Free Europe have partnered with the LAF Project in its next stage of bringing the previous exhibit to post-totalitarian counties in order to inspire photographers in their own projects. We have chosen to work with Georgia, for it is a post-Soviet state caught in the midst of forming into a democracy. As a result, there are internal conflicts to be captured with the lens to show that Georgia is clearly a country caught in the transition of becoming a democracy. The vision of LAF is to feature and expose the world to talented photographers from the country in both live exhibits and in a photoblog.