Clinica Misional "Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe"

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About Us

The Clinica Misional Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe is a modern medical facility, located on the grounds of a Catholic mission in the tropical cloud forest of southeastern Ecuador. It serves an impoverished indigenous population with few other options for care. An international group of doctors, dentists, and nurses have served over the years. Respectful members of all faiths are welcome. Numerous medical and surgical specialties are represented.

The health center has two examining rooms, an operating theater, two dental suites, a laboratory and a pharmacy. An ultrasound machine, obstetrical doppler, and dental x-ray are available. Outreach programs send groups periodically to even more remote villages. There is a hospital less than an hour away.

Transportation is not reimbursed, but room and board are provided. Medical volunteers stay at a comfortable residence overlooking the Andes and the river valley, with an apartment for a family. A knowledge of Spanish is essential. Primary care practitioners are sought for a minimum of four weeks, specialists for two to six weeks as appropriate.

There are descriptions and photographs of the people, region, mission and clinic on the website as well as reports by health care providers. On weekends one can go hiking and birding and on other excursions to nearby Poducarpus National Park and Vilcabamba.

If interested, please e-mail Clinc Director Padre Jorge Nigsch at