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About Us

STRIVE FOR COLLEGE is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to alleviating inequities in access to higher education through virtual mentoring. A unique solution to the information gap surrounding college and financial aid application, Strive for College leverages the energy, influence, and knowledge of mentors to assist students through the application and financial aid process.

OUR MISSION is to provide every qualified, low-income high-school student with the information and support needed to successfully enroll in their best-fit college.

Strive for College is mentors helping high-school students reach their college dreams. We are seeking mentors to guide high-achieving, low-income high-school students through the college and financial aid application process. It is a great service opportunity that offers leadership experience with a nonprofit organization supported by partners and significant press coverage.

Have you graduated from college or are you currently enrolled in college? Volunteer to mentor and Change a Life! 

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