Arasan Rural Development Society


129D, Annasalai, Kalakad.
Tirunelveli District


About Us

Arasan Rural Development Society (ARDS) is a registered voluntary organization operating in the Southern Districts of Tamil Nadu, India. The main objective of the organization is to facilitate the disadvantaged groups of poor women, children and weaker sections of society. ARDS is systematically striving for mobilization of poor people towards achieving a gender-balanced society with good health and condusive environment. Presently, ARDS is providing training for poor women to enhance their income and social status. It provides pre-school education to poor rural children. It also provides care and support to the abandoned women, and old-aged people. ARDS requests assistance in the form of grants, volunteers and training. Volunteers are needed for every part of the programme - designing, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, reporting, communication, etc. For example, volunteers may provide services such as teaching, providing care and organizing and training community groups.