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About Us

- Inspiring Through Sports - - Sports and Youth Humanitarian Organization "PLAY" -

Vision: Instilling values and connecting identities through power of sport and play

Mission: Raising public awareness and improving the lives of children in the region – Using the sport as the common language for peace, friendship and sportsmanship

Values: - Fair Play, teamwork, respect -Commitment, compassion, leadership -Optimism, joy, integrity “PLAY”

Sports and Youth Humanitarian Organization “Play” aims at using sports to unite and educate the young people; by forming positive relationships and developing leadership skills help them to bridge the divides in their communities, lead healthy-constructive lives and consequently improve their futures. It aims at using sports as a universal instrument for social change while promoting ethical behavior and good sportsmanship.

Through developing programs comprised of sporting, educational and cultural activities, Sports and Youth Humanitarian Organization “Play” aspires in encouraging development of human potential in young individuals. Our projects (Peace Education Camps, Conflict Resolution Conferences, Competitions, Endorsments, Workshops, Educational Seminars, Publications, etc.) mount a serious effort to make a difference in the lives of the young people, raise awareness and deal with questions relating to the impacts of sport and the importance of education on youths, tolerance and peace building.

Vision of Sports and Youth Humanitarian Organization “Play” aims at installing values like Fair Play, Teamwork, Respect, Commitment, Compassion, Leadership and Integrity through the universal power of sport and play. “Play” sets goals of inspiring young people (future leaders) with the culture of peace, as agents of tolerance and open-mindedness.