Girls Reclaiming Revolutionary Recreational Learning

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About Us

Girls Reclaiming Revolutionary Recreational Learning (GRRRL) empowers girls ages 6-12, of all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds through sports, as well as health, leadership, and social justice education.

GRRRL empowers girls to realize their full potential through sports, dance, self-defense, health education, and social justice education. The camp facilitates the creation of a network of powerful girls who are self-confident and support each other in a world which, even while giving them equality under law, has a ways to go in its attitudes towards girls, their worth, and their abilities. Our participants inspire each other to fight beauty standards, attitudes, and assumptions the media has set up. GRRRL focuses on the struggles of middle school girls who at the highest risk of experiencing the most dramatic self-esteem drop of their lives. The organization also supplements the physical education they receive/don't receive during the school year so that participants are the healthiest they can possibly be, starting with their bodies.