Deep Griha Society, Pune, India

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About Us

Deep Griha works for the empowerment of the marginalised through capacity building and sustainable urban and rural development programmes.

In 1975, medical practioner Dr. Neela Onawale and her husband Rev. Bhaskar Onawale started a one-room clinic to treat the residents of Pune’s marginalised community. With the help of likeminded friends, Deep Griha Society began operations in July that year, and within a further two years, was serving more than 100 people a day.

From treating patients, Dr. Onwale quickly realised that many of the medical conditions affecting the slum community were caused by malnutrition and lack of education. As a result, she began programmes to support community members, as well as to educate them on how to maintain good health.

Since 1975, Deep Griha has constantly expanded and adapted its services to empower the disadvantaged community through support and education, giving people the skills and confidence and they need to improve their lives.

At Deep Griha, we are very enthusiastic about getting both local and international volunteers involved with our programmes. Volunteering provides a great opportunity for you to help the underprivileged, gain hands-on experience of development and empowerment, and meet people from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds.

It is important to stress that volunteers are here to support staff, not replace them. The work you carry out as a volunteer depends largely on your own skills and interests, on what projects are running at the time of your placement and where DGS most needs help.

Deep Griha are happy to be flexible in adjusting schedules and are keen to shape the posts around the individual preferences of volunteers. Whilst the above profiles show specific jobs and skill requirements, we are delighted to welcome people of all backgrounds and skills types. Given the size of our organisation, anybody who has the drive and dedication to want to volunteer can contribute in some way to the life changing work we do.