Village Capital, Inc

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About Us

Village Capital creates opportunity for world-changing entrepreneurs through the power of peer support. Inspired by the concept of the village bank in microfinance and peer support groups, Village Capital puts the hard tasks of building companies – criticism, strategy, feedback, legwork, and ultimately investment decisions – in the hands of entrepreneurs themselves. Programs revolve around a transparent peer assessment and feedback process, a structured course involving mentorship and educational sessions led by highly successful entrepreneurs and the investor community, and culminates in investments in top enterprises, as voted for by their peers.

14 programs have been launched in 6 countries serving more than 250 entrepreneurs, deploying $1.8M in capital, and reaching tens of thousands of BoP customers. Of the 24 investments made to date, 8 are expected to produce equity-like returns, 5 have or will repay their investment, 4 are too early to tell, 3 are having impact and stable financially, and only 4 are likely write-offs. Village Capital, through which First Light made many of its initial investments, is now a stand-alone 501c3.