Here We Grow Foundation, Inc.

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About Us

History & Background

Here We Grow Learning Center has been providing quality childcare services to children and families residing in Dunedin and Clearwater since 2009. A large percentage of children and families receiving childcare services at Here We Grow Learning Center are residents of Dunedin and Clearwater’s most disadvantaged communities. Here We Grow management and staff recognized a number of disparities the families experienced on a daily basis including but not limited to “diaper need; the inability to pay childcare expenses despite participation in childcare assistance programs; unemployment; low-education attainment; lack of access to transportation; health and nutrition, etc.

In October 2010, Here We Grow Foundation, Inc. was established to meet the needs at-risk families, starting with those residing in Pinellas County. After applying to receive 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, Here We Grow Foundation, Inc. began designing the blueprint for the foundation, researching Pinellas County demographics and pinpointing what areas services were needed the most. In May 2012, Here We Grow Foundation, Inc. received formal notice that 501(c)(3) nonprofit status was granted and we have been moving forward ever since to bring the following programs to the forefront of Pinellas County communities: The HWG Foundation, Inc. Diaper Bank, The HWG Foundation, Inc. Mother’s Bucket Program; and The HWG Foundation, Inc. College Placement, Financial Aid and Career Counseling Program.