Sustainable Urban Development, Inc.

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About Us

Founded in November 2010 by a Saint Joseph's University Alumna, Sustainable Urban Development is devoted to developing sustainable, socially just and inspirational communties, one neighborhood at a time.

Currently, we are working in the Haddington neighborhood of West Philadephia. Certified as blighted by the Philadelphia City Planning Comission, Haddington is home to over 180 vacant lots and homes. These are targets for illegal dumping and crime. Our mission is to convert these lots into beautiful, flourishing, community gardens. Haddington is referred to as a food dessert, where access to affordable, fresh produce is limited. Parents are forced to rely on corner stores that sell chips and soda rather than fruits and vegetables. By building mini-urban farms on these vacant lots, we are not only beautifying West Philadelphia, but we are combatting hunger and obescity.

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