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13-657 Hinalo Street
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About Us

Hedonisia Hawaii is an eco-tourist and ecofeminist community in the rainforests of the Puna region in Big Island, Hawaii. 

It was started in 2004 on land that was previously a junkyard. Since then it has evolved into a living community where volunteers from around the world stay for a few weeks up to a year working on environmental, feminist and other socially progressive projects.

WE offer the following services at our community. Choose the kind of volunteer and educational experience you would like based on your travel needs!

A) "Green" Vacation Lodgings:Nightly, Weekly and Monthly rates for 'Eco-tourists' staying at our quirky, environmentally friendly lodgings!

B) Fair-Trade Volunteer in Hawaii!Volunteer in Hawaii to enjoy a discounted eco-vacation! Our residential volunteer program is for those who wish to enjoy a longer stay in Hawaii at a lower cost while doing volunteer work at our sustainable community in the Hawai'an rainforest!

C) Intern Eco-Community Manager. This is a hands-on opportunity for applicants is to be an Intern Manager at the Hedonisia Hawaii Community. If accepted, after their training, Interns work only two full days a week to 'pay' for their lodgings in Hawaii!

Latest Listings

Fair-Trade Volunteer Program in Hawaii (Volunteer Opportunity)