Cyorf Foundation

About Us

CYORF is a pro-life organization with a mission to empower and/or building the capacity of orphaned children, widows and other community structures, to enable them be self reliant to intervene and respond to their needs (physical, spiritual, educational and emotional) individually, in their families and in the communities they live in.

VOLUNTEERING IN UGANDA Uganda, The Pearl of Africa, is one of the continents most beautiful and inspirational countries and Cyorf Foundation is lucky enough to be based in Jinja, a town that sits on the edge of The Mighty White Nile.

We are very happy to look for a placement for you in Uganda as a volunteer with Cyorf 's teaching programs. We feel honored to have you come and volunteer with us.

Our aim is to develop and improve the educational facilities and standards for children mainly in Cyorf supported schools.

Cyorf will enable you to get involved at grass roots level. All we ask for is your time, energy, faith and trust.

Medical missionaries and Schoolteachers are among the greatest need we currently have. Please consider volunteering with us, you will be making a huge impact in our community. To find out how you can volunteer with Cyorf foundation in Uganda, send us an email at: We will gladly send you a complete pack of volunteer information