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About Us

Happy Homes is a Community Based Organization based in Rachuonyo South District. It is a NOT FOR PROFIT Organization which caters for HIV/AIDS orphans and Vulnerable Children in terms of School fees, stationary and clothing.

The organization sensitizes the youth and trains them about life skills and them the prevention of HIV/AIDS.

The organization cares for disabled people and elderly guardians in their homes.And on top of that we do connect volunteers who would like to work in Ugnda to different places.We work with them while in Uganda.

We are right now working with five primary schools around Kawempe on HIV/AIDS and developing Children's Rights in these schools.


Socio-Economic empowerment of people through strategic intervention and sustainable development programs hence preaching the gospel of Christ to reduce HIV/AIDS infections and its effects, Children's Rights Violation and poor Health.


To sensitize Citizens on HIV/AIDS, Children's Rights and Community Healthy to promote healthy self esteemed successful citizens within their communities.


ü The overall objective of this rural development project will be to improve the quality for children and people affected by HIV/AIDS; to be carried out in the region, areas with a high incidence of HIV/AIDS (15.8% of the total population).

ü The project strengthens community support systems and economic capabilities to enable the local communities to reduce the vulnerability to the socio-economic impact of HIV/AIDS.

ü To equip all the children with self independence skills which enables them to live independently as full members of the society.

ü To integrate children for better interpersonal development through education, religious and extra curriculum activities for solid child development.

ü To provide nutritional diet to all children to eradicate malnutrition and for healthy growth.

ü To develop children’s personality and the building of all solid educational foundation and personal growth.

ü To facilitate holistic development of a child

ü To help the children to be self reliant members of the community

ü To initiate income generating activities to provide sustainability of the children / centre

ü To provide the orphans and vulnerable children with basic needs i.e food, shelter, clothing, education and health, plus provision of psychological support and spiritual nourishment and guidance.

ü To reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS infection amongst Children, youth and Adults through Community sensitization and help them cope up with HIV/AIDS Scourge.

ü To support and care for HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable Children by providing formal Education.

ü To improve reproductive Health of Communities affected and infected with HIV/AIDS.

ü To connect and work with Volunteers in Africa.

ü To promote awareness and realize the importance of Children's Rights in schools and Communities in order to overcome the risk of Human Rights violation, Child abuse, drug abuse and street Children for better National development.

ü To design Christ centered programs and respond to the obedience of Humanity by preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and hence Salvation of Man.

ü To design and construct feasible community health facilities with good and well coordinated services in order to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS opportunistic disease.

ü To construct Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Educational institutions, within the community with a community responsibility approach and set up technical skills in order to develop job creators in our communities.

ü To set up a legal desk to advocate for Children's Rights, Orphaned Children, widows and elderly thrown out of property inherited by relatives of HIV/AIDS diseased parents.

The volunteer will provided with food and accommodation, staying with a host family for cultural intergration and immersion.