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About Us

Models Against Addictions nonprofit foundation feels that the world is at a turning point in the way the addictions are viewed We are transcending to a place where addictions can be treated with more compassion and love, recognizing the need for complete, holistic approach to the treatments.

MAA mission is to heighten public awareness about addictions within our society and inspire everyone to be more supportive and knowledgeable about substance use disorders, dependency, addictive behaviors and the recovery process.

Our purpose is to introduce a natural & holistic approach in the care of all addictions through integration of traditional & alternative t therapies and techniques including yoga and meditation .

The goals are to provide prevention, holistic treatments, educational materials and service referrals to individuals, their extended families and friends who are experiencing problems with substance use disorder, dependency or addictive behaviors.

Addiction is an excessive physical and/or psychological dependence such as drug, alcohol, prescribed drug abuse or a recurring compulsion to engage in some specific activity such as overeating, gambling, computer, pornography, sex, shopping, internet etc.

The substance use disorder, dependency and addictive behaviors have reached epic proportions in the 21-st century. People from every race, color and socio-economic background are becoming addicted.

Addiction is the number 1 disease in America and it’s a family disease.

  • 1 in 4 adults in US suffer from addiction
  • 1 in 3 families have at least 1 addicted member..
  • Alcohol is the number 1 drug problem in America
  • Alcohol is involved in 50% of all driving fatalities, and every 30 minutes someone is killed