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About Us


We envision America’s cities and regions transformed into livable places -- healthy, economically vibrant, socially equitable and environmentally sustainable -- where people have transportation choices.


Serve as a catalyst for the movement to build livable communities with transit by inspiring people in communities and regions to make better transit and land use decisions. We do this by partnering, equipping and connecting people and institutions at all levels.


Impact and Results: RailVolution is committed to making a measurable difference towards building livable cities and regions with transit. We focus on sensible, real-world-tested, effective approaches to development that improve the way people live, work and travel.

Inclusivity: We invite diverse stakeholders to the RailVolution table, honoring what people of different races, nationalities, professional disciplines, and geographic and economic backgrounds bring to our mission. We believe diversity promotes strength and embrace varied opinions and perspectives, recognizing that lively discussion fosters greater understanding, energy, creativity and momentum.

Collaboration and Partnership: We believe that we accomplish more through collective action than through individual efforts. Our network of people and institutions -- connected by common values and goals -- is our greatest asset. RailVolution aspires to form strong partnerships built on respectful, open and honest relationships.

Innovation: RailVolution strives to be visionary and cutting-edge by promoting cross-sector and interdisciplinary discussions and solutions. We encourage fun and energizing exchanges and creative problem solving, grounded in best practices. We push traditional boundaries to invent new, effective approaches to multimodal transportation planning and community development.

Quality: RailVolution is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of quality in all we do. We continuously evaluate our effectiveness and seek to improve.