California Sparks

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About Us

California Sparks is a project to share the wonders of California's State Parks, and build lasting appreciation and support for their protection.

While the Parks hold world-class scenic beauty, provide a wide menu of adventure and recreational opportunities, and places to experience nature first hand, they're also crucial to protecting watersheds, carbon-sequestering forests and marshlands, marine habitats, and an incredible array of wildlife across the California Biodiversity hotspot. 

We want to ensure that our Parks will remain open to the public for future generations to experience in person. We think it's critical that Parks go on protecting the irreplaceable natural, historic and cultural wonders to be found within their borders.

Our goal is to build state-wide, active public support for the Parks, and especially generate support for the 80+ nonprofit Park Associations and their dedicated members, many of them volunteers, who now help care for our State Parks.