Charlottesville Community Bikes

  • Virginia


405 Avon Street
United States

About Us

Charlottesville Community Bikes is a non-profit bicycle shop that works with Virginia Organizing to promote environmentally-sound transportation, recycle bicycles, and make cycling accessible in Charlottesville, VA.

We take the four R’s (refuse, reduce, reuse, and recycle) seriously. Noting that recycle is the last resort, we focus heavily on reuse. We take bicycles and other materials that may be destine for the waste stream and get them to people who can use them. We recycle all of our scrap metal.

As a local non-profit organization, we rely strictly on volunteers and funding from private individuals and organizations. Although we primarily work with recycled materials, we do spend money on consumables with include things like bicycles tubes, cables, and brake pads. We encourage monetary donations from all that use the shop.

Charlottesville Community Bikes is a program-based operation. Programs include open shop time, bicycle maintenance and repair classes, kids’ bike rodeo, adult education, and more.