Arlekin Players Theatre

  • MA


268 Hillside Avenue

United States

About Us

Arlekin Players Theatre is looking for energetic, committed, and take charge interns to help with our re-run of "Memorial Prayer" in October, 2015. We are young, but very accomplished theatre run by dedicated volunteers.

Arlekin Players Theatre, a young company, has proudly won acclaim regionally and internationally. In particular, the company had the honor of representing U.S. at the International Theatre Festival in Monaco in August 2013, making us the first U.S. representative to perform in a language other than English. In recognition of this, in October of 2013, members of our theatre were invited to visit the Massachusetts State House to receive a citation for these extraordinary accomplishments. Adding to our success, the theatre showed the play "Immigrants 3.0" (based on the play by Ganna Slutsky) 16 times in Boston and New York City to sold out crowds.

Most recently, the theatre was able to produce its most touching and impactful play “Memorial Prayer” in Boston, reaching as many as 1300 audience members. The play, by G. Gorin is a transformational adaptation of “Fiddler on the Roof,” based on Sholem Aleihem’s “Tevye the Milkman.” The play moved and entertained our audience members. One particular viewer, Dr. Anatoly Smeliansky, head of the prestigious Moscow Art Theater School, was so impressed by the theatre’s masterful adaptation, he invited the actors for a special collaborative workshop at the school in Moscow.