Ramon Igorot Organization, Inc.

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Purok 3, Bugallon Norte

About Us

Ramon Igorot Organization, Inc. (RIO) based at Ramon, Isabela, Philippines is a non-stock, non-profit and non-sectarian grassroots organization organized by the Indigenous Peoples and/or Tribal Minorities who have migrated to the lowland where they are now settled in the hope of looking for greener pasture. They came from the highlands of Northern Philippines. Our membership at present covers at least five (5) tribal groups scattered from three provinces of Mountain Province, Kalinga Province and Isabela Province. These tribal groups are: the Bontoc tribes (commonly known as the northern kankaneys), the Ibalois tribes, Benguet Kankanaey tribes, the Bago tribes, and the Gaddang tribes. It was first organized in 1989 purposely to help one another in times of need. It has hibernated in 1992 due when the President that was elected was incapacitated and none of the other officers were able to continue heading the organization. It was ressurrected in February 2004 where the undersigned was elected as the President. When I was elected the President of the Organization, we have had series of consultations and workshops for the identification of needs and problems. We have expanded our objective and had put into writing the following vision: "Helping the Members Help Themselves Become Masters of Their Own Destiny".