Victor Treatment Center-Santa Rosa

  • CA


341 Irwin Lane
Santa Rosa
United States

About Us

Victor is a company that helps troubled kids and families integrate and become successful members of society. We step in and provide programs and support to help them be successful, offering hope by giving tangible solutions for helping these kids succeed and integrate into society in ways they and their families never thought possible.

Victor Treatment Centers, Inc (VTC) exists to provide a healthy, healing living environment for severely emotionally disturbed children and youth who have such great needs that they are not able to succeed in family situations and/or lower levels of care. Children age 7 through 18 who have not been successful in family situations, foster homes, or group homes can find sucess within VTC. The youth served by VTC have significant mental, behavioral, and/or emotional disorders that result in the need for 24/7 supervision in conjunction with intensive mental health services. VTC residential services are based on a foundation of strength-based and relationship-based appraches that support the optimal recovery and resiliency for these children and youth.