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About Us

Challenging Heights is a grass-roots NGO in Ghana that seeks to eradicate child trafficking and slavery and promote children's rights. We prevent and reduce child trafficking through direct interventions including the rescue of current child slaves and by tackling the root causes including poverty and lack of access to education.

The Challenging Heights team reduce child slavery by rescuing, rehabilitating and reintegrating child slaves from Lake Volta back to their home communities in and around Winneba. In 11 years we have helped over 1,500 children return to a normal life after having been trafficked as slaves.

We also tackle the root causes underlying child trafficking. We promote the value of education as one of the key factors that helps to reduce the number of children being trafficked. And we know that poverty is a major driver behind children being trafficked so we provide training, support and micro-finance to women to enable them to increase their income and provide their families with a sustainable future.

We also advocate to change laws, policies and practices nationally, regionally and locally so that child trafficking becomes a thing of the past. We have a strong profile in Ghana, but we are also well known on the global stage. Our President James Kofi Annan has lobbied for change with governments, the UN, global faith leaders and others around the world, winning numerous awards.