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About Us


At Computers for a Cause our mission is simple; transform unwanted or inoperative computers into operational and educational tools for those in need. Ultimately, Computers for a Cause seeks to turn waste into prosperity.


Computers for a Cause believes in a world where there is a working computer in every family’s home. Computers are an essential, household item that many of us take advantage of everyday. However, millions of American households still do not have access to this necessity, which puts them at a huge social and economic disadvantage. Computers for a Cause seeks to change all of this by repurposing unwanted electronic devices and giving them to families, schools, and non-profits in need. In addition to helping communities, we will cut down on the massive amounts of E-Waste shipped overseas every year.

Our Process

-Take in unwanted computers from the business industry and community.

-Test and evaluate computers for working components.

-Repurpose machines using working components.

-Repurposed machines will then be loaded with a new OS and links to open source education online.

-Open doors to repurposing process allowing volunteers to learn a vocation and earn a free computer.

This process will allow us to equip computers with specific software and links that promote education and prosperity.