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About Us

MathPOWER, originally named Boston Algebra in Middle School (AIMS) Project, was founded in 1989. Inspired by the work of civil rights activist Robert Moses, MathPOWER aims to create more effective ways to teach mathematics to urban children. The increasing importance of math literacy combined with the widening achievement gap between more privileged school children and urban school children in Boston have created the need for MathPOWER. The goals of the organization are to equalize the quality of educational opportunities for all youth and promote advanced mathematical learning in urban schools.

MathPOWER works within the diverse neighborhoods of Boston: • Of the 57,000 Boston Public School (BPS) students, 42% are Black, 35% are Hispanic, 14% are White, and 9% are Asian • BPS Class of 2006 had a 59% graduation rate • BPS average scores on the SAT I tests (Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing) for the Class of 2006 fall below the State and US averages • Only 53% of BPS students received an Advanced or Proficient rating on the Mathematics portion of the statewide standardized test (MCAS).

MathPOWER collaborates with public schools and community-base organizations in Greater Boston to promote and to advocate for math literacy and proficiency in advanced mathematics for all students, particularly students in urban school districts. MathPOWER is dedicated to promoting the learning of advanced mathematics in urban schools.

MathPOWER envisions a world in which all students achieve competency in advanced mathematics, a toolkit that is essential for a productive career and for lifelong learning.