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About Us

Student Voices, an online project of Mexicans and Americans Thinking Together, or MATT, is the bilingual dialogue and action center designed to give university students, academics and others from across the United States, Mexico and Latin America, a platform to share information and opinions and spark discussions about important social and civic issues.

With no political agenda in mind, the Student Voices site is simply an open forum, aiming to create a bridge of understanding between future leaders of the U.S., Mexico and Latin America; promote dialogue and self-expression; and keep youth engaged in current and important issues in order to create solutions and avenues for cooperation in the future.

Student Voices’ social network features exclusively user-generated content. Members are invited to submit news stories, opinion editorials, academic research, photos, and videos, about important political, economic, cultural or social issues and hear how other students respond.

With membership and support continuing to grow and new community partnerships, Student Voices will ultimately extend to student chapters on campuses, outreach events, internship opportunities, and more.