Hampton Roads Community Development Corporation

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3654 Sewells Point Road

United States

About Us

Our mission is to provide the families that live in the Hampton Roads area with the tools they need to thrive.  Through meeting the needs of the entire family, we can give mothers the necessary tools they need to be beneficial to their families.  By focusing on the needs of the total family, we can begin to make lower income neighborhoods in Hampton Roads better.  We intend to focus on the low and no income, title one education areas, women in domestic violent situations and single parents.  Our mission is to focus on children and give children that live in lower income more densely populated areas of Hampton Roads with access to programs that focuses on education and promotes children aspiring higher education.  We promote mentoring programs lowers instances of high school dropout and raises grades for children in grade levels K-8 in lower income neighborhoods through tutoring, college preparation activities, and access to technology that will close the digital divide among lower income families and make technology ubiquitous in the Hampton Roads area.  We want to promote and generate activities that promote enhancing literacy.  We want to promote physical fitness in lower income neighborhoods to combat obesity rates in lower income densely populated neighborhoods; teach and promote fiscal fitness and financial education in lower income families to assist in home purchases and overall well-being of the families that live in the Hampton Roads neighborhood, and provide food and nutrition programs that will feed the low income and homeless to eradicate hunger in the Hampton Roads community.