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The University of Southern California’s online GIS graduate programs are unique in higher education. Designed and taught by world-renowned faculty, a USC GIS education offers a multidisciplinary framework for understanding and applying spatial information to modern business, government, military and organizational challenges.

Our curriculum combines education in research and theory with extensive hands-on experience using the latest data sourcing techniques, leveraging the best GIS software and working with spatial data in a career-focused context. Graduates will be able to go beyond basic analysis of GIS data; they will be adept at developing solutions for some of the industry’s most complex problems.

The programs that we currently offer are:

Online M.S. in Geographic Information Science and Technology

The online M.S. in Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIST) equips students with an understanding of how spatial data shapes decisions in the modern world and provides hands-on experience with leading-edge GIS tools.

Designed and updated by GIS experts from diverse backgrounds, the program offers both the foundational and specialized knowledge necessary for sourcing spatial data and applying sophisticated spatial analysis to virtually any industry or academic domain.

Online M.S. in Human Security and Geospatial Intelligence

The online M.S. in Human Security and Geospatial Intelligence (HSGI) empowers graduates to build leadership skills and pursue management roles within the geospatial intelligence and human security fields. It is ideal for individuals who thrive in highly dynamic, often chaotic environments and who have a passion for risk mitigation, disaster planning and threat response.

At the culmination of the program, students take a capstone course in which they work directly with one of USC’s GEOINT partner organizations. The capstone coursework will involve an ongoing project, giving students a chance to apply everything they’ve learned to a real-world scenario.

Online Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science and Technology

The online graduate certificate in geographic information science and technology (GIST) is an excellent starting point for individuals interested in GIS. Professionals who want to enhance their existing skillsets may also use the core courses and electives available in the graduate certificate program to gain experience within a specific area, such as spatial data management, spatial data acquisition, spatial modeling or cartography and spatial data visualization.

Online Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Intelligence

The online graduate certificate in Geospatial Intelligence offers knowledge of key concepts in geographic information science alongside practical knowledge of how GIS is used in military, humanitarian and government organizations to inform decision making and better respond to threats.

Online Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Leadership

The online graduate certificate in geospatial leadership is ideal for established GIS professionals who want to focus on leading projects, or advance to GIS management roles. In the program’s capstone course, students will have opportunities to consult with current leaders in the geospatial industry.

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