New Hampshire Fair Share

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About Us

• New Hampshire Fair Share works to provide every New Hampshirite with a fair shot at a good job, a secure future and a healthy, productive life by standing up to the Tea Party conservatives and Wall Street interests who block progress at every turn.

• Through door-to-door canvassing and grassroots lobbying, we press local and national government to do its job and defend working families against the privileged and powerful.

• New Hampshire Fair Share is part of the Fair Share Alliance. Together, we talked face-to-face with hundreds of thousands of voters in New Hampshire and other critical battleground states to help elect President Obama in 2008 and prevent a wholesale Wall Street takeover of Congress in 2010.

• We followed up these efforts by reaching out in neighborhoods and activating our network of supporters to help pass measures that have saved millions of jobs and protected consumers by cracking down on health insurance companies and reining in the Wall Street mega-banks.