Freedom Writers Foundation

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Long Beach
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About Us

The mission of the Freedom Writers Foundation is to change the educational system one classroom at a time by providing educators with transformative tools to engage, enlighten and empower at-risk students to reach their full potential.

The vision of the Freedom Writers Foundation is to improve the quality of life in the community it serves by:

  • Equipping teachers with the tools they need to reach and empower their students
  • Increasing teacher retention and fulfillment
  • Lowering student dropout rates
  • Creating classrooms with an atmosphere of cultural inclusion and acceptance

The Foundation strongly believes it's time to publicly and systematically promote an educational philosophy that honors diversity in the classroom. It's time to give students the opportunity to reach their full potential and aspire to higher education. It's time to remind the youth of tomorrow that they can positively impact their communities and the world. The Freedom Writers Foundation fundamentally believes that with the proper support and opportunities, all young people have the ability to learn and grow into independent, dynamic and educated adults.