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About Us

The Quaternity Institute’s mission is to offer wellness, environmental and personal development programs that help others find the joy that is their natural condition.

The Quaternity Institute teaches at our home base while also outsourcing teachers; striving to bring these priceless educational programs to corporations, disadvantaged communities, schools, juvenile delinquent centers, shelters, prisons, counseling centers, places of worship, addiction rehabilitation centers, troubled and unreachable children and adults, senior citizens, domestic and violence prevention programs and the greater community.

The PROSPERITY PROGRAM is bootcamp, removing roadblocks to abundance in business and life. A perfect workshop for executives, managers and employees.

YOUTH PROGRAMS blend music, art, nature and work with mentors and elders.

The REGROWING GAIA project exposes the community to nature, while also being a greenhouse conservation project.

The WORK OF BYRON KATIE is a simple yet powerful process of identifying and eliminating stressful thoughts.

INTERNATIONAL TEACHERS are invited on a regular basis to provide priceless workshops.


The Quaternity Institute offers these workshops to aid communities and institutions in alleviating stress, healing relationships with oneself and others, reducing anger, eliminating depression and therefore increasing clarity, energy, peace and abundance. We aid the individual internal process of transformation, thereby directly creating transformative change in the local and global community. We reach out to all communities with no discrimination based on wealth, age, sex, religious or sexual orientation.

TO CONTACT US or to bring any of our programs to your corporation, non-profit or community:

QuaternityInstitute@gmail.com . 732-910-1760

Main Headquarters: New Jersey

We travel to anywhere you are!