Family Engagement Institute

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About Us

The Family Engagement Institute (FEI) provides educational opportunities for underserved families with children, birth through adolescence. The purpose of FEI is to build the capacity of families, schools and communities to ensure student success by promoting equity and access to quality education and completion for all families at every stage of their education, early childhood through college.

The Family Engagement Institute works in partnership with Foothill College to provide continued educational opportunities that increase family involvement and leadership. Founded in February of 2010, FEI strives to focus on providing resources to assist underserved families to close the achievement gap—or, more accurately, the opportunity gap—by instilling a commitment to valuing the influence of family on a child’s well-being, ensuring all families gain access, tools, and the voice to support their children. FEI believes that family is the most powerful advocate to ensure a child’s healthy development and academic success.