Armenian Environmental Network

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About Us

AEN was founded in 2007 as a response to the lack of environmental information available to Armenians in the Diaspora. AEN has developed its focus to serve a dual mission:

• Increase information sharing and distribution among Armenians in Armenia, the Armenian Diaspora and the wider conservation community

• Facilitate partnerships through the responsible involvement of Diasporan and international resources to promote sustainable development in Armenia

While continuing to serve its original purpose of information sharing among the Diaspora, AEN aims to be a leading voice in civil society building in the Armenian environmental sector by bridging the information gap between Armenians in Armenia and those in the Diaspora. We work with local and grassroots organizations, as well as NGOs, international organizations, and government authorities to promote sound environmental policymaking, enforcement mechanisms, increased awareness and participation of local stakeholders, and tangible contributions to Armenia’s sustainable development.