Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans

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900 Camp Street
United States

About Us

The Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) is a multi-disciplinary arts center, financially stable and professionally managed, which is dedicated to the presentation, production, and promotion of the art of our time. It accomplishes these by organizing curated exhibitions, performances and programs, educating and enlarging audiences, and encouraging collaboration among diverse artists, institutions, communities, and supporters. The CAC was formed in the fall of 1976 as a non-collecting organization by a passionate group of artists when the movement to tear down the walls between visual and performing arts was active nationwide. The CAC began as an artist-run, artist-driven community organization in the nearly empty arts district of New Orleans. As the burgeoning arts district grew, so did the CAC, evolving to meet the increasing needs of a diverse audience and artist communities. Throughout the CAC’s 35 years, the center has remained active in the visual and performing arts and arts education communities, continuing to represent an era of creative freedom and multi-disciplinary expression. Over the course of a typical season, the CAC presents 10-14 visual art exhibitions; 6-8 theatrical performances; 4 dance performances involving companies of local, national, and international recognition; 11-15 music concerts with nearly 100 artists performing; and 10 special events & fundraisers supporting the local arts community and our dedicated members.