Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy

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About Us

Crossover Basketball is an international basketball program that exposes primary and secondary school students in India to educational and athletic opportunities with the explicit goal of helping them navigate the complex world of American college athletics recruiting and becoming leaders of social change.

The presence and impact of multi-national profit-minded basketball orgs in India is leading to a rise in the popularity of the sport, but also contributing to a corruption of that sport’s ideals. A “club-team” model is employed, signing teen athletes to pro teams for min. contracts in the hope their skills develop. Students therefore lose there amateur status, leaving them ineligible for university scholarships. With less than 40% of kids attending high school now, this creates only more future ill-prepared citizens

If we believe in the power of youth to alter a society, then our children must be the barometer that determines our future potential. In order to help students who are financially & socially marginalized see the power and impact of education, we need to give them positive role-models from the US and India. We provide those role models with local coaches and peers who have successfully navigated the leap from village to college. Others will spread the love of basketball and fame; We will provide its heart.