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About Us

Quietmind Foundation (QMF) is a holistic behavioral healthcare provider specializing in brainwave biofeedback therapy, psychotherapy and Bioenergetic Analysis. Our mission is to integrate EEG biofeedback into the mainstream public healthcare delivery system. QMF is also committed to developing an academically-based training and research center for professionals in the use of this technology. We suggest that Neurofeedback training should be conducted and supervised by knowledgeable certified professionals. In competent hands, some 90% of our clients should expect to see health and educational benefits ranging from subtle to profound. These gains are reinforced in daily life, and are therefore expected to be lasting. Most often cited are enduring increases in abilities to concentrate, focus, learn, remember, and make complex decisions. Many other benefits are commonly reported anecdotally, including improved mood regulation, reduced anxiety, and improved sleep. IQ boosts of 10-20 points are commonplace [typical] in certain special needs groups.

No other treatment to date has so substantially reduced students' need for pharmaceuticals such as Ritalin. No other technology available today is as promising to enlarge the academic prospects of children with learning handicaps.

We integrate the use of traditional biofeedback, movement reeducation and body-centered psychotherapy techniques, including Edu-Kinesthetics, the Feldenkrais Method and Bioenergetic Analysis to help clients achieve lasting, functional improvement.