Center for Urban Teaching, Inc.

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About Us

The Center for Urban Teaching, Inc. (CfUT) is a Christian non-profit that exists to identify, prepare, and support high-performing urban teachers. CfUT was founded in 2001 by two professors at Wisconsin Lutheran College (WLC) who were moved by the profound failure of Milwaukee’s schools to break the cycle of failure for inner city children. The need for more urban teacher candidates prompted program changes and expansion beyond the WLC campus leading CfUT to become an independent organization in May 2013. Today, CfUT serves over 300 undergraduates representing 30 universities. From the beginning, CfUT emphasized relationship building, culture, and the power of your belief system. As the program evolved, it became experience-based with the addition of a six-week summer school program designed to cultivate habits that reflect CfUT’s core values of spiritual focus, respect, courage, perseverance, and dedication to high-performance. CfUT’s long-term vision is to become the number one producer and provider of high-performing urban teachers. In alignment with that vision, CfUT plans to increase the number of alumni actively serving in the field from 50 to 500 by 2020. As a result, CfUT plans to expand the number of teacher candidates participating in the program by 40% annually.